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Nebraska Bowhunter Education

Nebraska Bowhunter Education is required in Nebraska for all hunters ages 12 through 29 who hunt deer, elk, antelope or mountain sheep with bow and arrow or crossbow. Bowhunter education is not required when hunting turkey with a bow or crossbow. Hunters must carry proof of successful completion of Bowhunter Education with them when hunting. Bowhunter Education certificate numbers generally appear on permits so a hunter does not need to carry a separate bowhunter education card.

Bowhunter education courses provide instruction on bowhunting equipment, the fundamentals of bowhunting, shooting and hunting techniques, game identification, conservation management, outdoor preparedness and hunter ethics.
Traditional classroom courses are taught by knowledgeable and dedicated volunteer instructors. Traditional classes are a minimum of 10 hours of instruction, usually broken into several sessions over a few days. Registration must be completed online. Following a traditional classroom course, instructors issue temporary certificates to students who have successfully passed a multiple choice exam. Lifetime certificates will appear in a student’s online permitting profile approximately 5-6 working days after the last day of the classroom course. Online students will also receive their lifetime certificates in their online permitting profiles. See options below.


For hunters ages 11-15
  1. Traditional 10-hour classroom course – No cost
  2. Online course (Bowhunter-ed.com/Nebraska) with a $30 fee paid to the online vendor, followed by participation in a two-hour Hunt Safe Session. Registration for Hunt Safe Sessions must be completed online AFTER completing the online course.
For hunters ages 16 and older
  1. Traditional 10-hour classroom course – No cost
  2. Online course (Bowhunter-ed.com/Nebraska) with a $30 fee paid to the online vendor. There are no additional requirements for this age group.
Information on all of these options is available at huntsafenebraska.org. Those who have not completed a Bowhunter Education course may obtain an Apprentice Hunter Education Exemption Certificate from Game and Parks.

Apprentice Hunter Education Exemption Certificate 
The $5 Apprentice Hunter Education Exemption Certificate provides the novice hunter age 12 and older an opportunity to try hunting and receive training from an experienced hunter before completing a hunter education course. A hunter using this certificate must be accompanied* at all times while hunting. This certificate may be obtained once in each person’s lifetime, expires on Dec. 31 and may be renewed once for a consecutive year. The Apprentice Exemption Certificate may be purchased online through the hunter’s permitting account. Go to huntsafenebraska.org  and click on buy a permit. Select the Apprentice exemption.
*Accompanied is defined as: in the presence of a licensed, experienced hunter age 19 or older. There may be no more than two hunters using exemption certificates accompanied by the experienced hunter at any time and the experienced hunter must at all times be in unaided visual and verbal communication with the child under age 12 and/or the apprentice hunter ages 12 through 29. The experienced hunter must, if age 19-29, be certified in hunter education.

Yes. Your Nebraska Bowhunter Education Certificate should be accepted by all 50 states, Canada and Mexico for bowhunting activities in those locations.

Certification from those states and provinces that include bowhunting as a just a portion of their Hunter Education Courses will not meet the requirements for bowhunting certification in Nebraska. Be aware, Nebraska honors only a separate Bowhunter Education Course, and a hunter’s proof of completion must clearly state it is a BOWHUNTER EDUCATION COURSE. 

Individuals of any age may attend Nebraska Game and Parks Bowhunter and Firearm Hunter Education classes, however, no one under the age of 11 will be certified. Any child under 11 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during every classroom session. Those under 11 years of age will be required to complete the class in full following their eleventh birthday. Online registration for both classroom courses and the online course is only available to those ages 11 and older.

At the first session of any classroom course, anyone under 18 years of age must provide the instructor with a signed, completed Parental Release Form. This form may be downloaded and printed from the class information page on the Nebraska Game and Parks website. All students under 19 years of age should be accompanied by a parent/guardian to the first classroom session to ensure appropriate information is received on dates, sessions, and additional requirements. 
For more information on Bowhunter Education in Nebraska, go tohuntsafenebraska.org or contact Wendy S. Horine, Hunter Education Coordinator at (402) 471-6134 or wendy.horine@nebraska.gov, or Heather Weihe, Hunter Education Assistant, (402) 471-5662 or heather.weihe@nebraska.gov

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If you are interested in helping with this worthwhile effort, that makes future Nebraska hunters SAFE, RESPONSIBLE, and ETHICAL. Please contact us.

Hunter Education is “A PATH TO FOLLOW”

For more information on Bowhunter Education in Nebraska, go to
huntsafenebraska.org or contact:

Wendy S. Horine
Hunter Education Coordinator
(402) 471-6134 

Heather Weihe
Hunter Education Assistant
(402) 471-5662

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In 1984, the idea of an organization that would bring bowhunters together with a common goal to preserve and protect bowhunting was formed and the Nebraska Bowhunters Association (NBA) was born. Now, the NBA is one of Nebraska's premier hunting organizations, with a growing membership, family friendly events, and a firm passion to continue to preserve and promote bowhunting in Nebraska. 

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Although bowhunting is often a private, quiet affair, members of the NBA benefit greatly from organizing together. Besides the political clout and united front against those opposed to hunting, the camaraderie is perhaps the best bargain for the money. NBA members meet across the state throughout the year at our Banquet in March and Jamboree in August. We would love to have you join us! 

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